Unique development of the scam filtering model

Risks and profits

High risks yield high returns

Big profits

Possibility for beginners to succeed

Technical support

Technical support in case of being hit by scammers.

The idea of developing Lotus Terminal

Why did Lotus Market was created?

The idea to create the terminal appeared due to the main problem of the market - the deployment of a huge amount of scam tokens in different blockchains.

Our solution for the market

Solving the main problem of the market

Lotus Market company works and have worked for a long time on analyzing different smart contracts of tokens for the presence of a scam code.

Our main goal is to make the market of tokens more secure and accessible for users who do not have any technical knowledge in programming, as well as to save time for those who do.

Thus we increase the chance of getting an asset that will potentially bring profit.

How does it work?


Open our terminal and choose the token you like.


Choose a most convenient wallet and a website where you want to buy the token.


Watch the movement of the token’s price.


Decide yourself when to sell the token according to your strategy.

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Our mission is

To reduce the amount of scam in the market

to connect all potentially interesting blockchains to the terminal. This will affect the frequency of hitting on ‘good’ tokens. Whole market ecosystem will be improved.

Below are the blockchains that we first of all plan to connect to the terminal

Binance Smart Chain

Fraud schemes/codes

Fraud schemes/codes used by scammers

Over time, fraudsters have learned how to make dozens of different modifications to the basic smart contracts of their tokens in order to gain more powers than token buyers. Then they deploy smart contracts and act depending on their goals.

Honeypot token

Scammers insert a piece of code into the contract that allows only their wallets to sell the coin.

Hidden mints

It is an exploit that allows one or more externally owned accounts to mint new tokens using a hidden function within the token contract.

Hidden balance modifiers

It is an exploit that allows token holder balances to be modified by one or more externally owned accounts, or by the contract itself.

Rug Pull

It is a scheme in which scammers reduce the liquidity pool over time and withdraw money, leaving token owners with nothing

Hidden Transfers

It is a scheme whereby developers can freely transfer tokens from holders to their own wallets

Hidden fee modifiers

It’s a modification whereby some tokens may charge a 100% buy or sell fee.

The price of the token increased from November 21
to December 20 by 223%

Dolor tempus in ut 2


Dolor tempus in ut 3

The price of the token increased from November 20
to December 14 by 1000%

Dolor tempus in ut 4


Dolor tempus in ut 5

The price of the token increased from November 21
to December 20 by 223%

Dolor tempus in ut 6



Token №1

Here you can see the excellent illustration of organic token growth. This could be a good example of a speculative buying choice.

Token №2

In this example we can observe a scam token. The price of such a token is constantly growing, as a honeypot code is embedded into it, which prohibits token sale. Value of the token has grown significantly. At the end the creators withdrew the liquidity.

Token №3

In this example, you see a nice cyclical growth of the token with sharp pumps and dumps, which is quite suitable for speculative trading.

Token №4

Here you can see an artificial price increase, after which all the tokens were merged in one big transaction and thus devastated the entire liquidity pool, thereby taking all the buyers' funds.

Token №5

In this example, we see a smooth growth of the token with increasing volumes.

Token №6

Here you see a scam that creates its own tokens in order to get a small benefit from fast buyers, after which all the tokens get to the order book list

Goals and results of the project

Road map

Q1 2022

Vel vitae consectetur

  • Technical tasks assignment.
  • Negotiating with developers.
  • Market analysis.
  • Website development.

Q2 2022

Augue habitasse

  • Beginning of Lotus Market terminal development.
  • Adding selection filters.
  • Adding honeypot check feature.

Q3 2022

Sed nulla cras orci

  • Preparing a marketing campaign.
  • Connection of Binance Smart Chain
  • Launching the beta version of the terminal.

Q4 2022

Orci, luctus molestie

  • Official launch of the Lotus terminal.
  • Starting a marketing campaign.

Q1 2023

Vitae in non sit

  • Start selling through network marketing.
  • Connection of Ethereum chain

Q2 2023

Eleifend in vestibulum

  • Connection of Polygon Chain.

Q3 2023

Quam, lorem aenean elit

  • Connection of Avalanche Chain.

Q4 2023

Augue et dictum

  • Connection of Arbitrium Chain.
Which token to choose from the list?

All tokens from the list were already filtered and checked. Of all the existing tokens, our list includes only those that we have checked for various fraudulent modifications. The choice of token to buy also depends on your trading strategy.

If I bought a scam token, what should I do?

If, nevertheless, you bought a token that turned out to be a scam, send us it’s smart contract address so that we can analyze the code and recognize such tokens in future.

We regularly improve the ability of our terminal to identify the fraudulent code. At the same time the coders of such tokens are constantly coming up with new variations of scam. We do not guarantee that all tokens from the list are trustworthy.

Can I buy tokens through your website?

No, but we provide the best and most convenient platforms where you can buy tokens.

Is it possible for the user to filter the tokens himself?

No, our terminal filters tokens according to our specified parameters in order to simplify the process for users. If you need to filter the tokens yourself, we can implement this feature in future.

How do I contact you?

You can reach us via an e-mail or the official Telegram chat. In order to get a quick response please DM our administrators.

Questions and answers

Did not find an answer to your question?

We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Call +55 88 7458 8559 or write us a message.

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